Must Include Things in a Rental Agreement

Must Include Things in a Rental Agreement

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Rental AgreementProperty is a great investment, so if you are planning to process of renting to make money in an easy way then you must prepare a rental agreement. It sets out the rules, which are agreed followed by both the landlord and tenant to maintain a good rental relationship.

Preparing a rental agreement is an important thing that provides a future security and protection from any kind of legal issue between the landlord and tenant. So as a responsible landlord, you have to make a rental agreement with your tenant and ensure that the below mentioned things are must include in the agreement.

Must include things:

  • Tenants Names
    It is the most important thing of including the name of the tenant and all the adults, who is planning to live in your place. Take signature of all the adults to ensure that all they are legally responsible for all the terms.
  • Limit of Residents
    Should clearly specify the total number of residents and their names who have screened and signed on the agreement. This is the very important to avoid another occupant either friends or relatives who have lived for a ling time.
  • Terms and Conditions of Subleasing
    Make sure that the rental agreement must have the period of the tenancy and all other major terms and conditions, which are agreed before signing by the tenant.
  • Rent Amount
    Specifying the rental amount per month is must and should to avoid further conflicts between landlord and tenant. It should be clear about rent amount, last date for payment and late payment charges.
  • Fee and Deposits
    It’s better to clearly outline in the rental agreement that the fees and deposits which are payed by the tenant, because this is the most common and confusing issue between the landlords and tenants.
  • Maintenance and Repairs
    This is a major thing to mention in the agreement that who are responsible for rental property repairs and maintenance. Most of the landlords forget to specify this thing, by this they may have a possibility to face many problems from the tenants.
  • Right to Entry
    As a landlord you have the right to enter in your property, but many of the tenants won’t allow landlords into the home. So, if you mention this thing in the agreement you can visit at any time by the prior intimation.
  • Pets
    Most of the landlords won’t allow pets, but if you didn’t specify that in the agreement the tenants will argue with you about pets. So be sure to mention about the pets.

These are the must include things in the rental agreement, as a landlord, if you specify these things and make them to signed in the agreement that may helpful to avoid for any further issues, that can be mostly arised by your tenants.

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