September Home Maintenance Checklist

September Home Maintenance Checklist

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MaintenanceFirstly, welcome everyone to the fall season, which starts in September, it is the exact time when the summer ends and the cool evenings are started. At this time everyone should follow some home maintenance tasks to make your home as ready for the cooler weather.

We are here to suggest you the easy and affordable home maintenance checklist. So take advantage of these last warm and make your home as perfect for the fall season to till the spring season. Based on the previous blog, Key Points for Home Renovation Within Your budget, carefully plan home maintenance checklist within your budget.

The Home Maintenance Checklist Includes:

  • Check walkways for damages
    This is the very important and must thing to do in September because in fall season the walkways become as slippery ways due to the snow. So you must check for cracks and damages to avoid accidents. If you neglect the cracks or damages, later it becomes worse and need costly repairs.
  • Sweep and repair the siding
    After a long humid summer the siding become putrid and dirty. So you have to inspect each and every space and plan for the cleaning, September is the best time for pressure washing. If necessary, repair or replace the siding to increase the energy efficiency and to reduce the utility cost.
  • Check and repair leaky faucets
    Inspecting leaky faucets in bathroom, utility room and kitchen is most important because it leads to the higher water bills and requires new washers to fix, if you neglect it. This repair is easy to solve by yourselves, if you think it is a major repair, then you can call professional, but make sure that it should be repaired in September.
  • Ensure that the windows are sealed tight
    All the double and triple pane windows have tight seals, but if you observe any cloudiness of windows that indicates the windows are not sealed properly and the space between the individual panes of glass and traps are not filled with the gas.

    For this type of problem you can contact the company, from where you bought them, for replacement. They can replace the gas if your product has a warranty.

  • Clean the chimney
    Chimney’s are most useful during the winter season to make your place hotter by lighting it. But before you must clean the chimney completely and the passage too, to allow the Carbon Monoxide to escape from home. So hire a professional chimney sweep to enjoy the chilly evenings.
  • Change the air filters and tune up the furnace
    It is one of the essential steps in your home to avoid HVAC system damage and to control higher bills. It is necessary to hire an experienced mechanic to tune up your furnace. Make sure that your thermostat is working properly before the winter season.

All these are the must make checks in September to make your home ready for winter. If you follow this home maintenance and renovation checklist, you can avoid costly repairs and save your time also.

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